‘Narla’- Future support puppy broke her tiny leg.

Adam is a loving father and a veteran who suffers PTSD. Adam loves his four kids and the newest member of the family ‘Narla’ an adorable Cavoodle puppy who is eleven weeks old. ‘Narla’ was about to start her training to be a support dog when Adam’s young daughter accidentally stood on the very small puppies foot.

Supporting four kids alone on a veterans pension is very difficult, so when little baby ‘Narla’ was clearly badly injured Adam knew it would be near impossible to afford the treatment required. Adam got ‘Narla’ to the Lort Smith veterinary team for a diagnosis and the fantastic crew there recommended for Adam to reach out for help from us at team PMC.

After going through Adam’s application PMC had no doubts this was one of the most worthy cases we have seen and agreed to manage and help the case. The amazing support the tiny pup has offered already to Adam and his kids is immeasurable, and having her trained to be a support animal will be a huge help as she grows up.

The Lort Smith were a fantastic help and did the procedure to help ‘Narla’ heal as she now recovers with her adoring family. “Yes she is absolutely adorable, a real heartbreaker her eyes will melt anyone’s heart I’m happy to help wherever needed hopefully this will generate more awareness for your organisation” Adam explained to us.


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