Monty’ – Helping his owner’s health daily

‘Monty’ is a 12 year old Pomeranian cross who has been with his family for many years. ‘Monty’ is loved dearly by his family, Dad and Wife who are very private people. Both are aged pensioners with health issues. Dad looks after all the home duties as he cares for his wife who suffers chronic post-herpetic-neuralgia. Struggling to make ends meet the couple rely on the love from ‘Monty’ who comforts them both.

‘Monty’ hasn’t been de-sexed and developed a painful and swollen testical that was in need of surgery ASAP. Unable to afford the costs this family contacted to PMC to apply for help to manage the situation and help with the costs.

Mondy’s Dad relies on him for support while he cares for his disabled wife.

“My dad does everything for my mother, cooks, cleans and basically all household duties despite being unwell with diabetes himself. Monty is special to him and without him he’d lose an integral part of what makes him happy. We can only pray that Monty will improve and we are immensely grateful to everyone that has helped us.” The family daughter told PMC.

‘Monty’ the placid soul had surgery and is now home with his family and we are optimistic of a full recovery. Thanks to the vets at Second Chance Animal Rescue for the continued work you do, it is amazing.


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