‘Jaffa’- Terminally sick mum who just wants to save her boy.

Felicity is a single mum of two girls. She is on a disability pension and hates to ask for help from anyone, let alone a charity. Felicity has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that is rapidly taking her young life from her. So when her baby boy, ‘Jaffa’, a jack Russell cross aged around 13 years developed serious trouble near his bottom and rear end Felicity was at a loss how she would help him.

As the problem got worse for poor Jaffa he began to bleed and suffer great pain, Felicity knew they were in grave danger of losing her long time best friend who means the absolute world to her and her health.

”Jaffa is my closest friend, he waits for me to come home just so he can be next to me as he follows me from room to room. He even guards the toilet door when I am in there.” Said Felicity about her little man.

Felicity took ‘Jaffa’ to her local Vets in Springvale who were unable to offer a reasonable price for a consultation, which left her bewildered and unsure how to proceed. Once Felicity learned about Pet Medical Crisis through Donna, her mental health support, they made contact. PMC suggested she go directly to the beautiful crew at Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham.

Felicity could not believe that Jaffa would also be diagnosed as having cancer. She always thought he’d outlive her. PMC will keep this special couple together as long as possible.

Discovering that ‘Jaffa’ had 3 perianal tumours that needed expensive surgical excision, SAH recommended a specialist referral.“Felicity’s dog is her only companion. Felicity has a terminal illness and cannot afford to pay… Her dog is in great discomfort and is constantly bleeding. It’s just a shame that people don’t realise how important these pets are to their owners mental health, the change the world for them.” Donna a mental health expert said about this case.

‘Jaffa’ had the surgery at Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre who compassionately discounted surgery by 50%. An enormous thank you to Dr Chris Preston at PESC for your kindness and care. And thanks to Donna for assisting in the wellbeing of such a great person.

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