‘Jade’ – Life would be a dark place without her for Trish.

Trish is on an aged pension and as we know there isn’t much left over from those payments to do much else other than the basic living expenses.

‘Jade’ is a stunning 12 year old Shelty terrier who Trish adopted once she was no longer able to be a show dog. Trish loves her dearly and can’t imagine her life without the dog as part of her family.

After noticing that ‘Jade’ was barely eating and could barely even touch wet food, Trish knew there was an issue with her mouth and she would have to seek some veterinary advice in order to help the loved dog. Trish took ‘Jade’ to be examined at the Greencross Vet Morwell who were fantastic and managed to help set Trish up on there program which instantly helped her financially, however the entire amount would be beyond what Trish could afford and therefore PMC were contacted to manage the case.

“My pet is my companion. Jade is my life. Without her I would be in a very dark place. If you could, please help.” Trish asked us at Pet Medical Crisis.

‘Jade’ had several teeth extracted and cleaned, which will be vital to her ongoing health. We thank Greencross Vet for the help they have given PMC and ‘Jade’.

Pensioners are a very vulnerable group and the comfort and companionship pets offer is unmeasurable, and that is why we find it so very important to help them give their pets the best they have of survival.

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