‘Bianca’- If you don’t like animals then 89-year-old Dino doesn’t like you.

Pet Medical Crisis is here to help pensioners just like Dino save his beloved pet dog ‘Bianca’. ‘Bianca’ is an 8-year-old poodle cross Dino has had from the time she was a pup, in fact, he even had her before that as he also owns her mum. Dino got ‘Bianca’s’ mum from Mildura and when she had puppies Dino was very pleased to have mum and daughter together.

Dino loves his ladies and has special beds for them made of pure wool inside his house. As an aged pensioner Dino has a very small income but has always made sure his dogs are cared for as well as any human, often better. Dino’s wife passed away about 13 years ago and he has been very lonely. Dino is 89-years-old and met his partner 10 years ago. The pair rely on each other for companionship, and the dogs provide them both with love and full hearts.

‘Bianca’ has had terrible breath and great trouble eating, Dino noticed she even lost a tooth very recently which saddened Dino the lovely man. “I feel so bad for her,” said Dino from the Peninsula. Dino took his adoring ‘Bianca’ to the Peninsula Vet Care Rosebud to be looked at, but Dino feared he was not going to be able to afford the cost to help what can often be a death sentence when it comes to dental work and disease.

The incredible team at Peninsula Vet care Rosebud suggested to Dino that he should contact us at PMC to help him. After receiving the application and confirming we could help Dino we managed the case, making sure that Dino wouldn’t need to face the worst scenario. “They are 2 little human beings to me and I talk all day long to them. They understand everything I say – go out to the toilet when I tell them to – they are just great. All my life I have been with animals. If people don’t like animals I don’t like them. They are especially important now as I’m older.” We hear you Dino!

‘Bianca’ needed to have some teeth that were badly decayed removed and some work cleaning to help avoid future issues. Thanks to the compassion shown from the team at Peninsula Vet care Rosebud ‘Bianca’ can now get back home in her comfy woolen bed and be with the ones she loves and makes their lives far better. During this time in the world we understand how hard it is for people and aged pensions the most, so if you can share or donate (see our website for details) please do so. Thanks for your ongoing support we can’t do this without you all.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


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