‘Aria’ – Emotionally supports this young family like no other.

Stacey is a single mother of two young children who is now out of work thanks to COVID-19. Along with her other life challenges one of her children suffers autism and has large expenses that come with that.

Stacey believes that the best thing for her child is having their wonderful dog ‘Aria’ there to share support and love. Stacey has had 8 year old ‘Aria’ the Rottweiler girl since she was born and the family adores her.

When Stacey noticed that her loved dog was unwell she took her to our good friends at The Lort Smith to get a diagnosis and see what could be done. After the vets told Stacey that ‘Aria’ had plyometra due to not being de-sexed, she would need an operation to save her life.

The added expense for the treatment and the surgery would be beyond what Stacey could afford, however she knew how much ‘Aria’ means to the family and that she is a very necessary to their well being.

Aria was lucky to survive an infected uterus. PMC recommend desexing to save this problem.

PMC were contacted to help due to the families circumstances and we knew we could make the difference. “She’s our family! I met her when she was moments old and have loved her quirky cheekiness ever since.” Stacey told our team.

Lort Smith vets have since operated on the beautiful Rotti girl and we are told she is home and doing well as she recovers. Thanks to the Vet team for their help and all of you who donate or share our mission it all truly helps strengthen us and bring more help to those who most need it.

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