‘Bj’ – Much loved Staffy means the world to his family.

‘Bj’ is a 3yo Staffy who mum Sarah adopted when he was just a young puppy from a breeder. He has had ongoing skin conditions and is on medication, which is very costly. During ‘Bij’s’ last check up the vet found he had a lump on his ear, sadly the lump turned out to be cancerous and very painful.

Sarah from Footscray isn’t working at the moment and has a young daughter who loves ‘Bj’ dearly. As the bills in Sarah’s life have accumulated the living situation for her family has become extremely difficult, she knows how much of a difference having a support dog means to her health.

“My pet means the world to me, he is my support dog he’s really help me through a lot and he really helps my anxiety he is my best friend I wouldn’t be able to live without him and either would my other dog and my daughter, they’re all the best of friends. I would love to get this done to get him back to his happy self.” Sarah said to PMC prior to his operation.

The Lort Smith Vets were wonderful in helping us with this case and now the loving boy is back where he belongs with his family. After a few issues with his stitches we are hopeful ‘Bj’ will make a strong recovery. Thank you to the Veterinary team at the Lort Smith and best wishes to Sarah and her family including ‘Billy’.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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