‘Chooky’- Funny name not a funny lump.

When COVID-19 first struck Rodney was at the home of his deceased parents in Warburton, it meant he was unable to get back to his property in Cressy. Since the 73 year olds parents passed away Rodney has been taking care of the property and maintaining it.

Rodney is a single gent and has his loved dog ‘Chooky’ to keep him company. ‘Chooky’ who is a 12-yo-Staffy X who developed a fast growing lump on his hindquarters. Without any income the pensioner was highly stressed at the prospect of being unable to pay to have his dear dog taken care of. As soon as Rodney was able he got ‘Chooky’ to the local vet at Animal Aid in Coldstream for diagnosis and surgery to extract the lump from his left hind leg, which had started to leak fluid. The mass looked likely to be malignant and surgery would be to keep him comfortable if it was done immediately.

Pet Medical Crisis was contacted by an associate of Rodney’s asking for our assistance, which we willingly gave.

“The dog is his only companion and he is extremely distressed about the possibility of not being able to attend to her veterinary needs.” Said Rhonda a family friend.

‘Chooky’ had the required surgery to remove the lump and he is up and about again feeling much better. Dr. Tamsen, Sharon and the compassionate team at AAC were fantastic in helping with the case. Thanks to all involved the very grateful Rodney is very relived to have his best mate back at home.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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