‘Fizz Gig ‘- Funny name for a beautiful boy.

A 10yo ‘Shihtzu’ dog called Fizz Gig has been suffering badly from severe dental issues. His mum Samara tried desperately to save enough money to afford the surgery needed to help the little guy, but being a single mum on a pension it is almost impossible to pay for living expenses let alone costly bills to save her boy. Samara has two kids and one of the kids needs medical support, which also adds up quickly. Samara exhausted all other avenues of funding and did not received any relief from the Government that was promised due to Covid19 and is feeling very despondent about the situation.

After noticing her little boy wasn’t eating and seeming out of sorts she got him to her local vet at Bellarine Vet in Drysdale who diagnosed his teeth. After realising she didn’t have enough money saved she contacted us at PMC for help managing the case.

“He is our everything. Such an amazing loyal beautiful friendly gentle boy. We love him to the moon and back. My kids have no one but me and fizz gig! Please help us help him.” Samara wrote to PMC.

With the great help from the team at Bellarine Vet they were able to fix the dental problems the happy little boy had and much to relief of the family got him home safe and sound.Thanks to all involved we all wish for ‘Fizz Gig’ to go on for many more years to come.

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