‘Narla’- Needs her next operation so she can support her dad.

Narla needed the other leg fixed so she could support her loving dad Paddy who suffers muscular atrophy and is wheelchair-bound. Paddy adores ‘Narla’ and she makes a world of difference to his wellbeing. PMC raised funds to help pay for the surgery.
After she damaged both of her knees, needing ACL operations on the pair it looked tough for us to raise the money needed for the expensive second surgery. Thanks to the always compassionate and generous team at Southern Animal Health along with another game-changing donation from the ridiculously kind Mr. Rob Curtain ‘Narla’ appears to be recovering very well.
“She is doing well but pretty drugged up. The operation went really well I go back in 4 days thanks so much.” Paddy said after the operation.
Pet Medical Crisis is so grateful for the wonderful support we receive from all our wonderful donors every cent helps our cause.

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