Jake’- Little Meerkat keeps his family smiling as poison nearly ends his life

‘Jake’ is a two-year-old jack Russell who is adored by his mother Donna. Donna sadly has very recently been diagnosed with cancer and also suffers from a condition called ankylosing spondylosis, which has meant she is unable to work. Donna has no children and considers her little dog ‘Jake’ to be like her son. The Ringwood woman is a carer for her mother who is also suffering from cancer while her stepfather suffers from respiratory issues. Recently Donna, had her partner James move in with her as the coronavirus has affected his work.

“He is my shadow, my best friend, he is miniature me. He makes me, and everyone around him laugh. Often he stands on his back legs for minutes with ease. His nick-name is “Meerkat ” and he waits for me at the window looking down the drive. It is a very quiet home without him, I am desperately asking for help” Donna said after contacting us at PMC.

Donna took her boy to the Animal Medical Clinic in Boronia after so noticed he was very unwell. ‘Jake’ had ingested some poison that was believed to be snail bait and he was in a great deal of trouble. PMC was contacted to help and manage the case for the family favourite and we were glad to help.

The veterinary practice medicated the little bloke which included blood tests, 3 different shots and several other drugs to help him fight back- and that’s what he did. We are very thankful that ‘Jake’ wasn’t taken from his loving owners over the Easter break and his recovering quite well. The extremely grateful parents of ‘Jake’ have been nothing short of indebted to the assistance received.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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