‘Shifu’- A very sore eye nearly blinds ginger cat

‘Shifu’ is a 9-year-old cat who was adopted when he was a kitten by Sue who suffers chronic pain due to a car accident and a subsequent unsuccessful surgery after it. Sue loves her animals and they make a huge difference to her health and wellbeing. The Doveton mother is married and has adult kids so her animals are even more important to her than ever.

Sue noticed that her kitty had developed a severely sore eye and got him to the team at Hallam Park Animal Hospital. After seeing Dr. Avron Woolf, the great doctor said ‘Shifu’ was greatly in need of surgery due to an eye ulcer. Sue knew that with the pension she receives she would be unable to afford the eye operation, so she contacted us at PMC. After finding out that Sue wasn’t unable to borrow money or get any other help from family or friends Pet medical Crisis joined to help manage the case.

“I really can’t thank you at Pet Medical Crisis for your charitable help in our hour of need.” Sue told us.

The adult cat is now at home with his sibling and family as he recovers from the operation well. Thanks to the Hallam Park Animal Hospital for all their assistance and care especially Dr. Avron Woolf in getting ‘Shifu’ fixed so quickly and carefully.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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