‘Sparky’- Giving his mum a reason to smile

Deb recently moved from Melbourne to Shepparton to be closer to one of her sisters. Suffering from terminal cancer the thing Deb loves most is her 8-year old Labrador cross named ‘Sparky’. Deb rescued the beautiful boy 6 years ago and he barely leaves her side. Between her illness and her chemo treatment life is pretty tough for Deb so when ‘Sparky’ ruptured his cruciate ligament Deb who is unable to work knew it would be the end of him. Pure and simply ‘Sparky’ gives Deb a reason to live and a chance to smile.

“I have terminal cancer he never leaves my side, this is the 3rd time I have cancer starting from bowel cancer, uterus cancer to now terminal cancer
My dog is a rescue dog… I couldn’t live without him.” Deb explained.

Needing all the help she could get PMC jumped to help the disabled pensioner. Thanks to the incredible generous team at GV Vets and the kindness of Dr. Andrew Jacotine who donated his services probono, PMC covered the costs of the metalware and the out of pocket vet care.

In what is a terrible situation for Deb the thought of losing her reason to wake up would have been unbearable. Pet Medical Crisis is so glad we were able to help keep ‘Sparky’ and Deb together. A case like this shows just how special our animals are and how what we do matters so much. Please help where you can and share wide and often so we can help more people in grave need.

‘Sparky’ is now back at home with his mum where he belongs and will be close to 100% soon.

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