‘Buster’-PMC came to the rescue for tabby cat

John adopted ‘Buster’ due to his loneliness and depression. ‘Buster’ is a tabby cat aged roughly 6. Since the adoption both issues have been far easier for him to manage. Living in rural Victoria has meant that John has battled to find regular work, which was a huge problem when his ‘Buster’ developed a critically blocked bladder. The Ballarat PET+FARM VET diagnosed the problem, the mission for John to get the money together started. Thanks to the help of the local shelter Ballarat Animal Shelter rescue, where ‘Buster’ was adopted kicking in some money to help, John was also recommended to contact us at PMC. PMC were very happy we could help John in getting his special boy fixed up.

John has been through a lot in his life and was unable to get help from family to pay for the procedure that was required, he knew the only other out come was for ‘Buster’ to be put down.

“Buster means everything to me, he is my best friend, I would have done anything to have had him fixed. I am so fortunate to have had Pet Medical Crisis help me out.” John said after his stress levels dropped dramatically.

After what is a fatal issue for a cat was fixed, ‘Buster’ is much better and home with his best friend John. Thanks to all involved and we wish John and his ‘Buster’ the best for the future.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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