Charlie’- Gwenda love story: RIP to a fabulous woman

Gwenda was a kind, compassionate and cheeky woman. Gwenda loved her family, friends and her little dog- who towards the end of her life adored his mum so much he would spend every hour of the day on her bed with her. ‘Charlie’ often sensed Gwenda’s pain, he would move to the pillow above her head so he had a good view of her in case he could help.

It was back 12 years ago on her 60th birthday, Gwenda was given what would go on to be not only her best friend but also a little dog that would go on to be like her own flesh and blood. ‘Charlie’ was the little fellow’s name and the love they shared is what most people crave their entire lives.

Sadly Gwenda had advanced cancer and struggled badly with her health on a daily basis. ‘Charlie’ had been in terrible pain and needed immediate surgery to remove some of his teeth. Being on a senior’s pension whilst paying the exorbitant medical expenses for her cancer treatment meant that Gwenda had virtually no funds left for anything else, including vet bills.

The stress of worry for the older lady reached an all-time high as she watched her gorgeous ‘Charlie’ writhe in pain. The agony of a severe toothache is unbearable as anyone who’s experienced it will tell you.

Sarah the loving daughter and main carer of Gwenda was at wits end after she took little ‘Charlie’ to the local Vet in Hurstbridge and realised the huge cost of dental care for dogs. Sarah took time off work in order to be with her mum, which meant she also was unable to afford the cost of dental surgery. Eventually, Sarah came across Pet Medical Crisis a charity that was there to help pay pensioners veterinary bills. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Sarah went to the website, filled in the application and hoped for a small miracle.

“I sent an email and there were angels on the other end!” Sarah said today.

PMC knew this case, as all our cases are, was crucial to how Gwenda would feel and the comfort she would get in knowing her boy ‘Charlie’ was to be pain-free. PMC knew we could help and contacted Dr. Marcus at Southern Animal Health who as always was there for us. ‘Charlie’ was admitted and the discounted costs from SAH along with PMC taking care of the bill now meant he would be finally free of the agony.

‘Charlie’ was well enough the very next day to be where he wanted to be, alongside his mum keeping her safe and comfortable.

PMC are all heartbroken at the news that Gwenda passed away on Monday, however, we feel relieved that she was over the moon her little boy was going to be fine as she passed.
“Is Charlie going to be ok?” Was the question Gwenda would ask even as she faced the end.

The true love and bond humans share with their pets is undeniable and beautiful. PMC is honoured to have helped this for Gwenda and her ‘Chalie’.  

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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