‘Eddie’ – Little kitten with a very sore eye.

Michelle first got ‘Eddie’ when he was just a tiny kitten at 7 weeks of age. The affectionate kitten is now still only 9 months old but when Michelle got out of the hospital at Christmas she noticed he had a very sore and swollen eye. After getting to her Vet it was very clear he had some grass seeds that had penetrated into his eye. After having two removed he was treated with anti-inflammatories and saline baths in the days that passed, but it was no good the poor kitten had lost his eyesight due to the ulcer that had developed. Michelle is on a carers pension which doesn’t allow much room for anything else so she knew the only chance to save her kitten would be to reach out for some help, and she contacted PMC. PMC got onto our great friends at Southern Animal Health who, as always help us when they can.

“I really don’t want to lose Eddie he means the world to me. I’ve been through a lot lately and can’t lose Eddie too.” Said Michelle who had tried every avenue to get some assistance but without luck.

Eddie surgery was done successfully and now has recovered well. Thanks to all those who donate. Sometimes all we need is a little kindness on this planet to make the world of difference to those less fortunate.

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