Arnie’ – We pray these Bushfires don’t take another life

These bushfires have taken so much from so many, including many human lives and millions of animals. It is with great hope we post this message that ‘Arnie’ the working dog isn’t another fatality. The loyal and smart cattle dog was doing what he does best when he was bitten by a snake. Charles, his master, didn’t even notice the fearless canine had taken a bite because ‘Arnie’ didn’t hesitate or stop work for a second. As they finished for the day Charles noticed his boy was off and seemed unsure on his normally very steadfast legs.

As the roads into and out of Omeo were closed due to the threat of bush-fires no veterinary care was available to save ‘Arnie’. Thanks to a wonderful vet nurse Katie who had worked at Bairnsdale Vet and who happened to be in Omeo. She availed herself to assist. As soon as they were able to get through to the Omeo Medical Centre they were able to provide antivenin and intravenous therapy and Katie the vet nurse provided supervision over Arnie for 2-3 days, ensuring his survival.

PMC was asked to help by the reluctant farmer who didn’t want to take donations, but we know how much ‘Arnie’ means to his family so we were more than happy to help manage the case as best we can along with Dr. Jade at Bairnsdale vet today. Arnie developed a mega-oesophagus from the snake bite venom and was taking time to improve which is par for the course at this stage. After surviving the night ‘Arnie’ was fighting hard. His temperature was down and he had a gastric tube in while he was being fed every two hours.

‘Unfortunately, the warrior gave it all he had but bushfires responsible for another tragic loss.

‘Arnie’ fought as hard as he could and for a brief time looked as if he would make it through.

Unfortunately, factors related to the fires, waiting time and his warrior drive of never wanting to slow down have cost him the ultimate price. Our hearts go out to his loving family Carol, Charles and all the beautiful humans who gave him a genuine chance, Katie for your kindness and care and the Omeo Hospital for everything you’ve done along with the vets and staff in Bairnsdale.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


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