‘Narla’- Big softie helped by PMC

Paddy from Clayton is on a disability pension and has a severe spinal condition of muscular atrophy which is a neurological disorder that leaves him reliant on his wheelchair to be able to get around. ‘Narla’ is his companion dog and he deliberately chose her because she is large enough for him to give her physical contact from his chair, and how she does love a cuddle.

‘Narla’ is almost 2 and still puppy-like even though she is so big. Up until a few weeks ago ‘Narla’ has been in great health while she helps Paddy day to day, resting her head on the armrest of Paddy’s wheelchair always ready for a pat. Paddy first noticed his big lovely girl had hurt herself when she came in through the doggie door and was limping very obviously.

Being on disability and having to pay for his own life situation he knew he would battle to cover the cost of surgery on beautiful ‘Narla’. After having ‘Narla’ looked at by Paddy’s local vet it was found that she had damaged not one but two of her cruciate ligaments and needed surgery on both. Paddy attempted to find other means of funding such as vetpay, bank loan, and family however for a variety of reasons these weren’t successful.

After discussions with the vet and his mum about euthanasia of Narla purely due to financial constraints, PMC was contacted to manage the case. PMC went straight to our dear friends at Southern Animal Health, who discounted the surgery greatly. SAH discount and PMC’s financial support enabled ‘Narla’ to go in for her first surgery. “The vet spoke to me about putting her to sleep because I cannot afford the costs, but this is not an option as I am very attached to her and she is only a young dog,” Said Paddy who adores his best friend. His love for ‘Narla’ is very obvious. ‘Narla’ is home now, she’s doing well except she has a cone on her head which makes her specially challenged getting it caught on everything.

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