“Maya’- Loves a cuddle in the sun

‘Maya’ is a 13-year-old kitty that loves to laze in the sun with his elderly pensioner Mum Tania. Tania has owned ‘Maya’ for virtually his entire life, the soft-natured cat is loyal, quiet and never far from his Mum.

“We just about live out in the garden, he snoozes in the sun most days. If I sit in the lounge he always comes over and tucks in beside me for cuddles, he is always there. He is such good company for me as I am on my own and a constant source of love for me so he really is my best mate and yes he is spoilt….why not.”

Three years ago when ‘Maya’ had really bad pain in his teeth and gums Tania was unable to afford the costs, and being unaware of Pet Medical Crisis meant that she was unable to get the treatment needed. Thanks to the kind nature of Vet Dr.Chris Gallagher from Hallam Park Animal Hospital he sent the application for the cat’s procedure to us at PMC, and it’s been our pleasure to manage the case and donate to cover the costs. Tania whose sister sadly passed away without a will now look forward to leaving the inheritance to help more humans and animals at PMC- stay tuned to learn more about our bequest program in the New Year. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


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