Chantelle and Max helping each other through hardship.

PMC helps Max

Chantelle is on DSP and has not had the easiest of lives but one thing beyond all else helps to make her world bearable – her pets.

She has faced near-homelessness and loneliness bravely for years. Getting the department of housing and keeping her pets Azthma and Max with her was a challenge but her bond with these guys was essential to her wellbeing.

When Max was vomiting and passing fresh blood on Friday Chantele reached out to PMC who facilitated Max’s urgent care at Lort Smith. A dose of antibiotics and chicken & rice diet for a week settled his bleeding.

Cases like Chantelle’s bring to mind the hardship many in our community suffer due to circumstances beyond their control (living entirely on DSP or pensions).

Chantelle cannot afford extras such as vaccinations or routine care and has been told she should not have pets. We disagree as the benefits to Chantelle and her wonderful care of her pets is obvious and the benefits to pensioners of pet ownership are well documented

With a little support, we can achieve much for owners like Chantelle. Thanks too to Gillian B. whose lovely dog Manouh we helped in 2010. Gillian is paying for Max and Chantelle’s other dog Asthma to be vaccinated. Glad we were able to help with the crisis darling.

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