‘Barnaby’- Best little companion.

‘Barnaby’ has been suffering substantial tooth rot in several teeth, along with an ongoing chronic eye condition for some time. His mum, Marj who has had her own battles with cancer and a stroke has struggled to get the right care for her little bloke.

“For me, pets are family members. They are a companion who is totally forgiving, adding light and shade to each day…Life is much emptier without them..” Said Marj

Marj has loved and cared for her dog ‘Barnaby’ since he was a young pup in East Ringwood and can think of nothing worse than losing him for the sake of lack of money. PMC has managed the case and worked with the generous Dr. Green from Heathmont Vet and his staff to get ‘Barnaby’ fixed and home again.

UPDATE: December 2019-

‘Barnaby’ had to have 14 teeth removed but is now home and recovering pain free with his mum.

(Below is the message Marj so kindly wrote for us.)

Hello to all!
Many of you will know of my concern about Barnaby’s need for some serious vet attention and my inability to do anything about it.
I searched online frequently searching for ways I might help him. Feeling great guilt and often hopelessness with the situation.
I knew his teeth were rotten… because his breath was!

Then a few weeks ago I miraculously found this web site. I looked into it..and checked the help heading and saw
what was required and followed through. As did Peter Green at Heathmont Animal Hospital. The application was approved and yesterday
Mr. B became almost toothless. Peter and his team were Wonderful. Barnaby is returning to good spirits and beginning to eat.

This is all due to the wonderful Jennifer Hunt and her vision to start the above charity. Without it, I could do nothing. And to Peter and his team.
My heartfelt thanks to both.

Check out the charity webpage. You may know someone who needs it…and someone who wants a VERY worthwhile charity to contribute to.
(All donations are tax-deductible and every $ goes into the charitable fund)
They Hope to go nationwide in 2021

The photos show The Patient…and his teeth. A gummy smile from now on!
Blessings to all

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


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