Schu & Rauf

After seeing the vets at Hallam park animal hospital Rauf knew the urgent surgery was well beyond their financial capacity and contacted us at Pet Medical Crisis. ‘Schu’ was unable to eat, barely able to function in the most basic ways, which was breaking the compassionate owner’s hearts to watch.

Rauf has had a chronic health issue for years. Having no family and very few friends he and his wife love their cat ‘Schu’ dearly. The affectionate cat has had previous health concerns needing an amputation of a precious leg, and now due to severe dental issues he was once more struggling as were his desperate owners.

’Schu’ was admitted for surgery yesterday and after a brief recovery, he was hungry and able to finally eat once again. “God bless you! I will always remember you.” Rauf repeated through tears of joy while hugging his beloved boy again. Grateful for the discounted costs from the team at Hallam Park Animal Hospital, PMC covered the outstanding amounts.

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