Lulu & Lisa Miller

Lisa is a single mum of two teenagers, one of whom has an intellectual disability. Lisa has a carer’s allowance but it doesn’t go very far. The family bills, as they often do, have pilled up to the point every cent counts like it’s her last. Her other baby is ‘Lulu’ a 4-month old Pomeranian who she loves like one of her kids, Lulu is so small that she wears a cat bell so the family can find her.

Last week when her young daughter picked up ‘Lulu’ to give her a cuddle, the excited dog leaped from her arms and landed hard on the deck leaving the pooch in terrible pain.

Lisa rushed down to the local vets – Essendon Fields accident emergency. After the x-rays, Lisa was informed ‘Lulu’ had badly broken both bones in her front leg and if she wasn’t to do the vital operation needed she would potentially need an amputation. With growing vet costs, even with the partial discount from the practice, Lisa knew she had one chance to save her little girl – Pet Medical Crisis.

PMC donated the maximum amount we could and with the donations from our PMC community, Lulu is safely back with her family.

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