Kangaroo Vet and recently separated single mother of 3, Zarleeh let us know Batman was in trouble after his surgery!

6yo Tyannah had chosen Batman from a friend’s litter 4 years ago and they were best friends from the beginning. Throughout her ups and downs with ADHD, Tyannah has had the best medicine of all – cuddles with her Batman.

At home during a regular week, Batman plays with his rambunctious 1 and 2 year old human brother and sister… His one year old sister’s favourite sayings are “there’s Batman” and “where’s Batman”.

Batman is a very happy active cat, but one day they noticed that he wasn’t himself so rushed him to the vet who felt his belly and gave them devastating news that he had a blocked bladder.

Batman had to go straight to theatre and the cost of surgery was discounted to a very generous $500 dollars.

Being a single Mum creating a safe environment for her 2 ands 4 legged kids has made coming up with the money very hard. Providing medication and special food to prevent Batman blocking again was impossible.

Pet Medical Crisis donated $100 to provide medication and the right diet to ensure Batman has the best chance at a full recovery.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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