Ava & Amanda

“Disabled pensioner Amanda from Shepparton was gifted a beautiful Siamese kitten named ‘Ava’. ‘Ava’ soon became Amanda’s no.1 companion and the 2 have been inseparable ever since.

Amanda’s was diagnosed with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis, which frighteningly meant she has suffered over 20 strokes. This condition has meant Amanda had to learn to walk again. Keeping ‘Ava’ as an indoor cat, Amanda gradually saved enough for her to be desexed – but she didn’t count on there being 3 Tom cats nearby – one of whom let himself in a cat flap that Amanda’s flatmate’s cat uses.

The rest is history … ‘Ava’ managed to deliver 1 kitten that sadly died soon after. ‘Ava’ was unable to deliver the other kittens, meaning that an emergency caesarean at Mooroopna vet was needed. Dr. Phil Stammers discounted the bill by half, but still, Amanda had no way of paying and losing her dear girl ‘Ava’ became a distressing reality. Dr Phil used the PMC website vet application and Amanda used the owner’s application form – both notifying PMC of the urgency of this case. Within 30 minutes PMC had donated enough to get Ava’s life-saving surgery. The outcome was 2 live Kitten’s – Mother and babies did well and Amanda was enormously grateful for PMC’s assistance.

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