‘Wolverine’ Kitty loves a cuddle

Wolverine, this poor kitty has had a terribly painful couple of days crying and begging for attention.
Something wasn’t right. For ‘Wolvy’ to hide and not come running when it was dinnertime meant something had to be wrong.

Once ‘Wolvy’ got to the vets, Kirinia single mum of two lovely little girls, was informed there was a high chance that he wouldn’t be coming home unless he was able to have the life-saving surgery he desperately needed.

“We have been told that if we did not take Wolverine in straight away he would have died as his bowel would have burst. His urine has had nowhere to go.
I can’t half imagine the pain this poor baby is going through. Finance is what was going to have his little sisters almost needing to say goodbye to this tough kitty as he was too sick too soon and the emergency surgery is costly.”

‘Wolverine’ is a brother to fluff dog Toby and his 2 human sisters who love him so much they wouldn’t know what to do if he were suddenly gone. Thanks to PMC and the vets at Passionate Vetcare, ‘Wolverine’ has now healed well.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


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