Tinka Thomas

Tinka Thomas, is a stunning 10-month old Rottweiller girl who has a genetic problem with her elbows and hips. Tinka’s owner, Anwen, is a single Mother who has come through adversity, suffering breast cancer in 2016 which crippled her financially.

Anwen’s daughter was given Tinka who was the runt of a litter from the breeder. PMC generally asks breeders to refund the cost of the pet and the funds go towards veterinary care and a donation from the breeder came in very handy for this dear girl.

Anwen could see that Tinka had mobility difficulties as a puppy and at 8 months of age Tinka began crying in pain when she was moved. Anwen describes her having to carry often carry her to save her from agonising pain. She has already spent $1,500 on tests, X-rays, consultations, and medications.

The options from her local vets were simply euthanising or costly surgery. Given her ability to overcome breast cancer and the prospect of living a full and happy life, Anwen knows that a cure is in reach for Tinka if she can get the surgery she needs. Anwen was recommended to approached Pet Medical Crisis to see if we could help from one of our loyal followers.

“My friends cannot assist and most people sadly say that I should be putting her to sleep as she is so young and has a whole life ahead of her that may be riddled with pain as there are no guarantees. My argument is that she has a whole life and should be given that chance to live it. I love her dearly and I don’t want to give up on her.” Said the mother with her normal fighting spirit.

Pet Medical Crisis accepted the case and worked with specialist vets at AVC who discounted the cost of her surgery. The surgery was done successfully and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Both elbows were cleaned out of bone fragments and by creating an incision in her bone on one elbow, she had reduced pain immediately. There will be another surgery soon, which involves excising the ulna bone on the second front leg.

Pet Medical Crisis donated our maximum donation. Anwen took a loan from Centrelink and also with the help of donations from our PMC community, her treatment is going well.

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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