Shirley & Diane

Sometimes we see cases at PMC that really make you grateful for the blessings we have. When we spoke to Diane it truly made us realise the crucial role her dog ‘Shirley’ plays in her life. Diane remembers her early years and finding her dogs providing the love she craved. This forged a tight bond with all the dogs she has had in her life.  Her own family has had their fair share of challenges and throughout Diane has been there to support them.

Diane and her family have always cherished the mental health benefits of pet ownership and Great Danes were a constant in their homes as Diane fostered and rescued them as well as having her own.  When her last dog died, Diane’s daughter bought her a cute Chinese Crested dog she called ‘Shirley’ who had been kept caged for 4 years as a breeding dog.   Their bond was instantaneous.  Soon after however Shirley suffered a damaged ACL in her knee and Diane and her daughter worked in together to pay for the surgery at Fawkner Vet.

But one day, Diane truly hit rock bottom with her financial situation after ’Shirley’ did her other ACL. Reaching out to PMC, along with the discount from Fawkner Veterinary Hospital, we stepped in to help, paying $700 to carry the burden for this brave and proud pensioner. 

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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