Abby & Diane

Diane from Mansfield adopted her baby girl ‘Abby’ 13 years ago when she was just a 12- week old puppy. ‘Abby’ the Maltese cross, has been her loyal dog ever since. Over the years she has walked every day with Diane’s’ daughter Sally who has lymphoedema in both legs, suffers depression and also PTSD.

“ I was up to 180kg at the start but with help from Abby, I’m currently down to 135kg. Abby is a massive support system for me we love her.” Said Sally.

We always talk about the massive difference pets make to our mental wellbeing, but helping drop
45kg gives testament to what help they give physically.

‘Abby’ became very unwell and needed to be rushed to the local vet. Dr. Chelsea Hair and her talented staff at Delatite Vet. Dr. Chelsea discovered that ‘Abby’ was suffering severe pancreatitis, which is crucial especially for a more senior dog. PMC was contacted and ‘Abby’ was treated for the condition.

She had a wonderful 24 hours at home but became very unwell and was in extreme pain. Dr Chelsea Hair from Delatite Vet had put in 110% for their darling and was distraught as we all came to realise that Abby needed her eternal wings.

Rest in peace sweetheart…

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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