Jack Staffy & Kim

Pet Medical Crisis received a plea for help via our online application form. Single Mother Kim from Frankston has 2 gorgeous kids and an 8 yo Staffy called Jack.

“I rescued Jack when he was 15months old. Allegedly he was used for fighting but his soft nature wasn’t suitable to fight, so he was surrendered.”

“My staffy Jack is more than a pet. He has been my rock, my go-to-guy, my emotional support. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD due to a domestic violence relationship we left 5 years ago. Jack has cuddled me in the hardest times and protected me when I’ve been afraid. He is my daughter’s best friend, he hasn’t left her side from the minute she was born.

Jack became unwell and appeared to be in pain. Kim spent 3 days having him seen at 2 vets and finally, a diagnosis of the splenic tumour was given. Unable to finalise payment for his diagnostic tests she was unable to get his urgent surgery done and given the possibility of a spontaneous and catastrophic bleed, he was referred to Lort Smith. Despite their generous discount and payment plan, Kim couldn’t afford the 50% deposit needed.

Pet Medical Crisis organised for Jack to go directly to Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham where he was taken straight into the theatre for a splenectomy. He came through the surgery well but had to go back to surgery as he was bleeding internally.

I want to thank Pet Medical Crisis – just when everything was getting too much you guys called me and sorted everything out. Words can’t describe my gratitude.

Sadly Jack passed away shortly after his 2nd surgery. Kim was relieved to have been able to give her boy a chance thanks to Pet Medical Crisis.

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