Ra put back together with help from PMC

May 30th, 2019 8:00am

When aged pensioner Brian from Mornington Peninsula lost his wife recently, her best friend ‘Ra’ became even more important to the family.  Brian and his son David are recovering after recently losing their wife and Mum.  Her solace and No. 1 companion was a bundle of fluff and love – Ra.

Brian has gone from carer’s pension to Newstart after losing his wife, and things are tough when their little mate gets sick.  He and Dave do everything they can to keep Ra inside but he does a runner every time the back door is open and once again escaped their clutches.  They were thrown into despair when faced with Ra having been hit by a car and having a high femoral fracture – literally shattered near his pelvis as this CT scan at Peninsula Vetcare’s new Emergency Surgery clinic at Mornington reveals.  Dr Arthur House had his work cut out for him and Brian and David were getting together all they could to sell to save their little mate.  Dr Arthur recommended they contact Pet Medical Crisis through our new website application form ‘Need Help’ while he explored the best way of saving Ra and his leg.

Brian let us know how much Ra means to he and Dave’s mental health: 

“Ra is our Court Jester, Clown and Friend. He is also friendly with everyone that visits and all want to take him home… Ra is a lap cat but also likes to climb on Dave’s shoulders for some reason only a cat would understand…

My wife Jennifer and David drove to Shepparton to get Ra so he is a country boy J, that is why is so cool, perhaps…

I am 64 and on a Centrelink Pension card, Carer’s pension for 3 years with my wife’s long and terrible illness and now on New Start with a medical certificate since my wife passed away. I volunteer at the local Lions op-shop 2 days a week

Ra is a cool cat that doesn’t seem to be phased by anything, even his broken leg and the cone he has to wear. He is sleeping on Dave’s bed but is keen to come say hello as soon as he sees me, even with a limp. He has a pin, plate and lots of screws and staples at the moment. He checked out ok last Friday and the Vet called again last night to see how he is going. The staples come out in 2 weeks if all is well. The Pet Emergency and Referral Centre in Mornington have been wonderful and have performed a miracle saving Ra’s leg”

What an outstanding result for Brian and Dave’s Ra and no wonder Dr Arthur House is one of Victoria’s top specialist surgeons!

We are delighted to report that Ra has made a brilliant recovery and is united in health with his loving Dad and Dave – providing comfort and companionship – and very much staying indoors!!

Rest and heal sweetheart… Love from all your friends at PMC xxxxooooxxxx

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.


Love from all your friends at PMC ooooxxxxoooo

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