PMC helps 6 month old Kelpie Tank D’Cruza

April 11th, 2019 12:00am

PMC – CASE 504

Our 504th case is 6mo Kelpie Tank D’Cruza. PMC assisted with surgery for Tank’s brother Mate 4 weeks ago (same bilateral femoral head osteotomy surgery) and while we are a 1-off crisis fund the case was approved for extenuating circumstances.

His Mum Tania writes:

“Tank is my dog. He is Mate’s sibling. Both have presented with the same genetic disorder within a short space of time unexpectedly. I adopted these 2 from a farmer who was going to drown them as they were not able to be used as working dogs. I want to give them both the best life possible as I understand rejection and abandonment and they deserve love. Tank is my pillow buddy and the biggest smooch out and gives me continous love. Our local vet wanted to put him to sleep however I can not do this to a 6 month old with lots of life and love ahead of him. Please help my baby. I have scrapped together $3000 on a pension whilst still paying Mates rehab following the same bill for him.”

Tank hear’s everything, especially “dinner time”

Mate and Tank were rescued by Tania – both destined to be drowned by a farmer who didn’t want them. Tania adopted them both and as they reached 5 months their hip malformations were identified.

PMC helping to look after Tank

Tank is expected to make a full recovery like his brother Mate who has never looked back. 


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