Highway Freeman – preop X-rays, Postop with metal plate and screws in place, at operation

April 3rd, 2019 12:00am

About 4 years ago Jeannette Freeman found a skinny, neglected 8 week old Great Dane X Labrador puppy on the side of the Hume Highway.  She took him home and called him ‘Highway’

Jeanette is a 63yo single woman trying to make ends meet on the disability pension.  She suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis and lives in chronic pain. She has had 2 total hip replacements and every day is a struggle.  Her 2 dogs Highway and her soulmate ’Nellie’ are both rescues as are her cats – all rescues.  “My animals are my world – they are so wonderful and so good for my mental health”.

On Thursday 28th March Highway was running along the driveway of their Oakland Junction property near Tullamarine.  He mistook his footing and got his right back leg caught in a cattle grate – screaming in agony as his tibia and fibula snapped with the unforgiving metal’s force on bone.  Jeanette heard his agonising cries and raced frantically to see what was wrong.  He scrambled towards her and collapsed at her feet crying in pain.

Highway Freeman’s Broken Tibula and Fibula

Jeanette’s son was able to help get Highway into the car and off to Dr John Carter at Moonee Central Vet.  Knowing she was unable to afford the cost of surgery and facing having to put him down because of this she was in tears saying “I can’t, I just can’t!”.   Jeannettes’s sister had some advice from a friend about Pet Medical Crisis and she made a call – one of the last the charity will take as they are moving to a web based application process to help owners and vets more simply

Highway’s leg after the procedure

Pet Medical Crisis liaised with Dr John who also had not heard of Pet Medical Crisis.  He explained the usual cost of surgery would be $2,500 so with our $1,000 maximum donation and a huge discount for Jeanette, she would have to contribute $650 by paying $25 per week ($50 per fortnight) out of her pension.  Assuming no other unexpected expenses come in it will take her all of 6 months to pay this back.  

Dr. John from Moonee Central Vet at work on Highway’s leg

Two Pet Medical Crisis supporters, Jenny from Ocean Grove and Wayne, who has followed us for years, have kindly donated $100 and $30 respectively at 

Highway had his surgery at Moonee Central Vet on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 under Dr John’s care and we have our collective fingers and paws crossed his leg can be saved – time will tell.  Mum Jeanette is relieved he has come through the operation and is a step closer to coming home to her.

Rest and heal sweetheart… Love from all your friends at PMC xxxxooooxxxx

Pet Medical Crisis relies on public donations to assist pensioners and disadvantaged owners who cannot afford life-saving veterinary care.



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