Pet charity appoints new ambassador to help raise vital funds to help pay for the vet bills of pensioners and disadvantaged Victorian pet owners.

Channel 10’s weekend TV favourite Walt Collins, has been announced as the ambassador for the Pet Medical Crisis charity.

It comes at a time where this much loved charity is being stretched to the limit with demand for the service at an all-time high.

Walt and his best buddy, beagle. Nugget.

Pet Medical Crisis has traditionally worked quietly in the background, raising funds to help pay for the vet bills of pensioners and disadvantaged people- where quite often their pet is the most important, if only thing, in their life.

Now, more than ever, the registered charity needs a hand to help raise cash that is used to pay for vet bills and vital surgery that will help keep much loved companion pets alive.

Donations are used directly to pay for the bills and for many families, donating to this charity means the difference to their pet living or not.


 Famous faces and their dogs gather for a fund-raising barber experience.

Walt Collins is best known for his work as co-host of Healthy Homes Australia- Channel 10, host of Animal Extra – Channel 10 and host of Buy to Build- Channel 10. He is a popular face in the weekend TV space- being on air for more than 32 weekends of the year. Walt is a passionate animal advocate and will step into the shoes of their ambassador role by organising a huge fund raising day.

Walt will fill a well-known Richmond barber shop with some of his mate’s famous faces and their dogs, each getting the most perfect grooming session. Imagine images of a dog in the barber chair with a barber cape getting a trim, sitting alongside his owner, in a cape, getting a trim! All proceeds made that day will be donated to the charity

“This is a great chance to raise some much needed awareness for this incredible charity. People don’t realise how important a little furry friend is, if you have nobody left in your life. It’s the key to helping stop loneliness, it could be the reason somebody gets out of bed in a morning. And if your pet gets sick, you’re left with a life shattering decision of not being able to pay for the bill that might save your animal” explains Walt Collins.

And about the media call: “You’ll see some famous footballers, TV personalities and social media stars turn out with their dogs to get a fresh cut at the barbers. I’m pretty sure it will be absolute chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way” he adds. For many people who donate to charity, it’s important to know that the money goes directly to help the animal in need and not the animal’s owner or the charity administration. The Pet Medical Crisis ticks all of those boxes.

From Pet Medical Crisis:

“Pet Medical Crisis is excited after saving our 500th pet in Victoria. We are now expanding to help more vulnerable people and pensioners. With over $450,000 raised and donated to the charity we are incredibly privileged to have such a talented individual as Walt Collins leading our charge. His kindness and abilities compliment all the charity stands for. So brace yourselves and dig deep to donate, sponsor and be part of the tax deductible human charity that just loves and knows what our pets mean to mental and physical health. As we say – saving pets to change the world.”

Jennifer Hunt, Founder.


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