Meow the cat keeps his leg thanks to Malvern Vet


January 31, 2013 2:54pm

MEOW might not be happy about having his leg in plaster but his owners are thanking a charity that helped keep the mischevious moggy in one piece.

The cat, belonging to Bentleigh East sisters Jessica and Mikaela Wills, came home injured last week.

Jessica said Meow’s leg was “not where it was meant to be”.

They rushed him to the Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre in Malvern where it was discovered he had suffered a spiral fracture and had torn the kneecap off his femur.

And even though the vet had reduced the cost of the operation, it was still more than the two could afford.

Sisters Jessica and Mikaela Wills’ cat, Meow, had an accident and needed medical attention. However, they couldn’t afford the treatment. Pet Medical Crisis Fund stepped in and helped them pay for part of costs. Picture: Sarah Matray

But the vet made a call to the charity Pet Medical Crisis Fund – set up to help pay vet bills for those who don’t have the money – and they donated $500 towards Meow’s treatment costs.

“It meant he could come home to us and we didn’t have to consider euthanizing him or getting his leg amputated,” Jessica said.

“Now he gets to live a normal life.”

“He’s just angry at us for keeping him cooped up in his cage – he’s not happy about that.”

PMCF relies entirely on donations is running low on funds, with only $9000 in the kitty to service the entire state.

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